This ICA Icarette Model D camera belonged to University of Toronto Astronomer Clarence Augustus Chant in the 1920s

Victoria has PhD in the History of Science from the University of Toronto. She is interested in the material culture of science of the past and present–the things used in scientific contexts. Her thesis explores the material cultures of university departments of physics in Canada, c. 1878-1939 through their surviving collections. It asks and answers what historical stories of people and places we can find in departmental–often quite informal– collections of historical scientific equipment, and has a particular focus on makers and workshops.

Victoria also works with the University of Toronto Scientific Instruments Collection (UTSIC), where she is assistant curator. UTSIC collects, catalogues, and researchers the scientific material culture of the University of Toronto, from galvanometers to goggles. Victoria is specially interested in apparatus from the physical sciences, teaching and outreach using with the collection, and object photography.

You can visit UTSIC’s online catalogue, here.